About Me

Fast, rare, loud and you don't see them very often on the roads: Supercars. But those cars are not that rare to me in my everyday life. I travel through Europe and participate in the most exciting car events and journeys. Cars and Coffee meetings or a tour with 25 supercars through the Alps are just two examples.

Exotic cars like Pagani, Bugatti, Köngisegg, Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and many more unique or limited cars are part of my videos that I would like to show you! Sometimes there are also cars which you haven't even seen before on my way to the most challenging and most beautiful places in Europe.

This is why I share those experiences with you. It is for supercar enthusiasts like me! 
Who knows what it feels like, when a car which is limited to 500 pcs like an Aventador SV passes you with an insane sound from an exhaust that sparks fire? It's an awesome experience, but only the fewest people know what it feels like when you are behind the steering wheel. Who are those people that drive those cars? What's going on during those car events?

I provide you exclusive insights from my point of view. From a supercar driver's point of view. I participate in these events and videotape everything, take photos of the coolest supercars and upload all content on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

„Being into Sportscars is not just a Hobby, it`s a lifestyle“ – Sophia Calate